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Basement Finishing and Updating

Plumb Level Construction looks at an unfinished basement as a blank canvas to express themselves with home renovation creativity!

If your basement is bare, let us put up some new walls, a new bathroom, new flooring, paint, and even an outside basement entrance. At Plumb Level we understand that the basement is often the most under-utilized floor in home, and we would love the opportunity to help you make the most of the biggest investment you own.

Maybe your basement is finished, but the last update it received was in 1980. If so, let Plumb Level Construction renovate and update your basement for you. We love to replace shag carpet with new berber, wood paneling with updated wainscoting and elegant baseboards, and even brass light fixtures with updated, modern fixtures and hardware.

Every once-and-a-while we receive a request to lift a house and put in a new basement, and yes...we do that too! If you are looking to add square-footage to your home and don't have room to add an addition outwards, we can help you achieve your home renovation goals by going downwards! If this is an option that you have wondered about or considered engaging in please contact us to receive the information you need to help you decide your best renovating and construction options.

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